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10 Bearing R188ZZ 1/4"x1/2"x3/16" Shielded


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10 Bearing R188ZZ 1/4"x1/2"x3/16" Shielded

10 Bearing R188ZZ 1/4"x1/2"x3/16" Shielded Part Number: R188ZZ
Our Low Price: $24.95
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds

10 Ball Bearings R188ZZ
1/4 x 1/2 x 3/16 inch

10 Bearing R188ZZ 1/4
10 Bearing R188ZZ 1/4
High Quality 10 inch size Ball Bearings, the inner diameter is 1/4", outer diameter is 1/2" and the width is 3/16", this is a popular size that could be used in many applications, each bearing has 2 metal shields to protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination, also bearings are pre-lubricated with grease.

  • Dimensions: 1/4inch x 1/2inch x 3/16inch English Size
  • ID (inner diameter)/Bore= 0.250inch
  • OD (outer diameter)= 0.500inch
  • Width/Height/thickness= 0.187inch
  • Equal: R188zz &R188-zz
  • Item: Double Shielded Ball Bearings
  • Size: 1/4" x 1/2" x 3/16"
  • Size: 0.2500" x 0.5000" x 0.1875"
  • Size: 6.350mm x 12.70mm x 4.7625mm
  • Type: Deep groove ball bearings
  • Closures: 2 Metal Shields
  • Lubrication: Self Lubricated (Grease)
  • Quantity: 10 Bearings
  • Yoyo Bearing Fits: Hitman, NM, NM2, HG, X-con, Mini MotriX, Big Ben, Speeder, Dark Magic

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